Printers - Selecting a Printer

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Choosing a printer for your home is an exercise in prioritizing. First you'll need to answer a few basic "who" and "what" questions. For example, who will be using the printer? Just you and your spouse, or your family of six? What will you be...

Lens Magnification

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The sensors on most digital cameras are smaller than the sensors on 35mm film cameras the effect of this is difference is that a picture with a digital SLR will is magnified. The amount of the magnification varies by camera based on the sensor used....

Selecting a Digital Camera

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There's a digital camera out there for just about everyone, from novice shutterbugs to photography buffs up to the professional. Below is a summary of what's available, the most important features, and help you figure out what type of camera that's...

Film vs. Digital Photography

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In this section, we'll summarize the basic aspects of photography and how they are accomplished in the film world as well as the digital world, highlighting where they are the same and where they are similar. Each of the aspects will be discussed in...

Optical vs. Digital Zoom

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DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO DIGITAL ZOOM. This is a feature that is a throw-back to the digital camcorder world. It's one thing to have a 15X digital zoom on a moving image since the eye can't detect just how bad the image is, but when you are looking...

Why go digital?

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With the introduction of consumer digital cameras a few years ago there's been a virtual stampede to get digital cameras -- both bleeding edge as well as basic models. But why? Is it just advertising magic and media hype that's driving people to...