Basic Editing - Changing Colors

camera 567

When taking outdoor photographs it is very difficult to get all aspects of the lighting to cooperate with you. On a hike in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State last year, I took a pretty good picture on a hike up Giant Mountain. About 7-tenths of a mile up the mountain, there's a pond with an excellent mountain backdrop. The lighting was cooperative enough to get a great reflection of the trees and hills behind the pond, but not cooperative enough to get a good sky.

There's a couple different ways for you to balance the picture out. One way is to take the coloring that did show up in the pond and copy it up into the sky. To do this, you'll need to use 2 of the image editing tools:

    - First, select the eyedropper tool.

    - Next, select the color that you want to copy up to the sky by just clicking on it. Below is an example of the what happens when you click on the blue in the pond -- the 2 images below are the color pallet at the bottom of the toolbar (left is before selecting the color, the right is after making the selection).            

    - Next, select the crummy color in the skying the 'Magic Wand' Tool (). Once you click on this tool, just click on the area that you want to change and click on it. You'll see the outline of the area flashing (that means that it's selected).

    - Finally, click on the 'Bucket Fill' Tool (). Once you've selected this tool, click on the area that you highlited using the Magic Wand. The color that you selected with the eyedropper will now fill up the area.

The image below is the fully edited version of the top photograph. The sky in this picture is very unrealistic since days with a clear blue sky like that are rare, but printed it looks really good. Please note, you may need to select many many areas within a photo to edit the colors completely. The magic wand select pixels that are exactly like the ones around it, so there may be cases where you are going to end up editing 6 pixels touching each other (this can be a huge task if you have 3 million pixels to deal with). The image below took about 3 hours to completely edit.скачать dle 12.0