Why go digital?

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With the introduction of consumer digital cameras a few years ago there's been a virtual stampede to get digital cameras -- both bleeding edge as well as basic models. But why? Is it just advertising magic and media hype that's driving people to toss (or stop using) their film camera and adopt digital? Well of course some of the rush has to with type, but there are a lot of reasons for jumping into digital photography. The first and most American reason of all is instant gratification. There's no more need to take all of the pictures on your roll of film and then mail or drop the film off and then wait an hour to a week for pictures to arrive. With digital cameras you can see the picture immediately and print the results as soon as you get near a printer.

Next, digital cameras are significantly more expensive than comparable film cameras. For the cost of a digital point-and-shoot you can have a fairly nice Film SLR camera. Digital photography is actually much cheaper in the medium and long-term than film photography. Film costs money and processing costs money. With digital cameras you will most definitely take many more pictures than film because it doesnt matter if a picture is bad -- just delete it.

You only print what you want. With film cameras, most people took a roll of film, processed them and put all of the pictures (except for the really bad ones) into an album. With digital photos you can choose from a lot of pictures, print out the good ones and put only the good ones into your albums. Digital photography can actually make you look like you take better pictures.

You can edit your photographs yourself. In the film world, if you took a pretty good picture and wanted to improve the picture, you really couldn't. Well, you COULD, but you'd need to take it to a professional and improving the image could cost a whole lot of money. In the digital world, you only need to open up Photoshop or some other editing software and make the necessary improvements yourself.
Digital cameras can do some things that film cameras can't do. Some digital cameras can take movies. Some digital cameras can be used as internet PC Cams.

Finally, with digital photography, your pictures are ready to use immediately. What I mean by this is that in the digital world, a photo isn't just a printed picture. A photo is emailed, it's put onto a web site and it's printed. A photograph taken with film needs to be scanned in order to be ready for the digital world.скачать dle 12.0