Sharing Photos - Web Galleries

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One of the clear advantages to digital photographs over film is that as soon as you take the picture, it's in a format that is ready for you to share [electronically] with others. The two ways that most people share pictures are; a.) via email and...

Multi-format Card Readers

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Included with pretty much all digital cameras on the market today are cables that allow you to connect your camera directly to your computer. Connecting your camera to your computer allows you to transfer the pictures that you take onto your...

Red-Eye Reduction Techniques

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Pretty much everyone has seen red-eye. Red-eye refers to the red dots in the middle of people's eyes in photographs that make them look possessed. First the bad news. The cause of red-eye is a basic fact of human biology--the pupils expand and...

Resolution - Pixels

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Before discussing what resolution is, you should first understand what makes up an image. The most basic thing that can be said about a digital image is that it's a bunch of dots. No matter how the picture is actually presented, all digital images...

Taking Better Pictures #1

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Taking good pictures takes a bit of practice [some luck doesnt hurt]. There's a certain skill in taking good pictures. The most important thing about taking better pictures is to practice things that will allow you to take better pictures. The items...