Multi-format Card Readers

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Included with pretty much all digital cameras on the market today are cables that allow you to connect your camera directly to your computer. Connecting your camera to your computer allows you to transfer the pictures that you take onto your computer.

Personally, we don't prefer this method. These devices plug into a USB port on your computer (just like your camera does). This device allows you to look at your memory card as if it was a harddrive on your computer. You can work directly with your pictures or you can transfer them to your computer. There are a few reasons that this is our preferred method:
  • This method is typically faster than a lot of cameras. Many card readers support USB 2.0, which is faster than the USB 1.1 found on most cameras.
  • Your camera is still free to take pictures if you have multiple cards.
  • personal preference by the writer -- a camera should be to take pictures with, not act as a modem (granted, this is a really stupid reason).
  • multi-format. Most card readers read Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Memory Sticks, etc. If you have friends of someone with a camera with a different storage medium, you can still copy pictures without having to try to hook up a new camera.

The image below is an example of one of the many card readers available today. These card readers can usually be purchased for less than $30 including shipping (although you'll need to check with your internet or other retailer).скачать dle 12.0