Let’s Build a Great Digital Library Together…Starting with a Wishlist

We’re searching for partners to help us build a fantastic physical selection of books to be maintained, researched, and made accessible through our Open Libraries undertaking. Working with over 500 library mates, the Internet Archive has helped make over 3 million public domain books available online for free accessibility via archive.org. We also have attracted over 500,000 in-copyright books on the internet to offer whole accessibility to people with print disabilities.

Our intention is to attract 4 million more novels on the internet, so all digital students have access to a fantastic digital library on level with a significant metropolitan public library program. We all know we will not have the ability to earn this vision a reality independently, and that’s exactly why we’re working together with libraries, writers , and publishers to construct a collaborative electronic set available to any library in the nation.

Assembling a fantastic library begins with fantastic books. We’ve gathered over 1.5 million books in our physical record . We hope to have a single copy of each publication, but enroute to this fantasy we’ve established a”wishlist” to help prioritize preservation and accessibility. This wishlist was published with information and help from several Fantastic jobs:

OCLC’s record of one million most broadly held novels , dependent on holdings records of libraries worldwide;
Library Link’s holdings records of North American libraries, leveraging the conclusions of tens of thousands of librarians in assigning collections for patron usage;
Open Syllabus Project, that has accumulated syllabi from the web to compile the many assigned books in classrooms;
Information about publication and Profession article citations from Wikipedia, released by the Wikimedia Foundation, which is presently being refreshed and extended to languages.
We’re utilizing these datasets to assist define an assortment of books which has broad appeal and influence to libraries across the united states and the patrons they serve.

Here is how you can help! We’re searching for libraries, writers, publishers, and individual book fans to help us build this group. You can assist in the following ways:

Give novels
you’ll be able to donate books on our wishlist to our physical record. If you’re a library, a writer, or possess a personal collection with over 1,000 books to contribute, please contact Chris Freeland, Director of Open Libraries, in [email protected] In case you’ve got a private collection or small number of amounts to contribute, please use this form to start the donation procedure . We’ll include these publications to our digitization queue and they’ll become ebooks accessible Open Libraries as financing becomes available.
In the event that you currently have electronic versions of those novels, we’d like to include them into our print-disabled collection.
Scan novels
when you have books on our wishlist but do not need to give them into our physical record, we provide scanning solutions and may digitize your novels from one of our regional scanning centres.
Identify novels
If you’re an author who’d like to incorporate your personal books to the listing, you are able to contribute physical copies, or contact us to tell us you would like us to make sure your work is going to be maintained and accessible to future generations. If you are a librarian, teacher, or other publication enthusiast and would love to help us continue to curate the wishlist to make certain it includes the very useful, significant and culturally diverse novels, please reach us out.
And needless to say, when you do not have any books to donate but want to help offset digitization expenditures, please contribute now!

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